Industrial Waste Shredder Machine For Waste Disposal


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Cardboard Garbage Compactor

Many companies incur huge costs from the export of large quantities of used polymer packaging and industrial waste in the form of PET bottles or cardboard. Hydraulic Garbage Compactor available in a business can significantly reduce the expenses for transporting recyclables and make a considerable profit. Cardboard Garbage Compactor features many innovations for ease-of-use and …

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Screw Press Dewatering Machine

Most of the domestic waste can be recycled and used as organic “biopulp” in biogas plants. Siedon has developed screw press dewatering machine, pulpers, and provides customers with excellent kitchen waste solutions to optimize the production efficiency of biogas plants, waste treatment centers, and composting plants. In order to be able to extract the organic …

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Kitchen Waste Shredder

Kitchen waste is the residual waste after people eat and the waste components in the cooking process (such as vegetable leaves and peeled vegetables, etc.), mainly from restaurants, families, canteens of enterprises and institutions, etc. In terms of physical composition, kitchen waste mainly includes rice, flour, food residues, vegetables, fruit peels, vegetable oils, animal oils, …

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food waste shredding

50T/D Kitchen Waste Treatment Solution

In view of the current situation of kitchen waste treatment in my country, Siedon technology reasonably optimizes the design plan, and specially proposes a simplified and economical solution suitable for small and medium-sized cities in different regions for the different volumes and properties of kitchen waste generated in large, medium and small cities. plan. Ensure …

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What is baling press machine?

Baling press machine refers to a waste baler/trash compactor. Baling machine is always used for the compaction of waste materials to facilitate storage, handling, and transport. Typical materials being baled in the waste and recycling industries are plastic film packaging, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, textile, light gauge ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In fact, any product which can …

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Types of Waste Baler Machine

What Is Baler Machine? Waste Baler Machine also called baling press machine or trash compactor. It aims to compact recycle waste materials into dense bales. This baling machine makes transportation and storage more convenient and cost effective. Baler machines are normally made of steel and with hydraulic system to bale many kinds of materials in recycling …

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