Mini Waste Baler

Electric Mini Waste Baler Model TC103

Ideal for small spaces and indoor environments, the mini waste baler is tough, durable and can handle all forms of general black bag waste including food, fluids and hazardous waste, compacting by a ratio of up to 5:1. The longer cylinder increases the level of compaction whilst maintaining a small floorspace footprint.

Feature of Electric Mini Waste Baler

  • 5:1 compaction
  • Improves security and safety
  • Low on noise, low on energy
  • Suitable for kitchens & offshore environments
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Technical Data of Electric Mini Waste Baler:

Motor Power0.75 kW
Pressure0.6 Ton
Machine SizeL750mm*W610mm*H1980mm
Machine Weight280 kg
Cycle time11 seconds
Volume reduction80%