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EPS Compactor

EPS Compactor Model SP200

Our EPS compactor will compress bulky foam waste EPS extremely efficiently into easy to manage, stackable blocks, thus help to reduce EPS boxes volume by 30 times. The extreme reduction in volume thus achieved does not only produce a considerable saving in transport and disposal costs, but the blocks produced can be also recycled as raw material, therefore contributing to a rapid amortization.

Features of EPS compactors:

  • Robust design ensures the long life service
  • The compressed drive: Hydraulic
  • Hours long operation without overheating thanks to specially designed auger
  • Automatic cut off if the machine runs empty
  • It can be fed by hand, conveyor or silo.
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EPS Compactor detail

Easy Operation

EPS compactor detail

Auto Power Down

EPS compactor output

Volume Reduction for 30 times

Technical Data of EPS Compactor :

Motor Power4kW
Feeding Open(mm)400*600
Machine Size(mm)3200*600*1600
Machine Weight(kg)350
Volume Reduction Ratio30:1
outlet Open (mm)200*200