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How to Recycle Waste Paper?

Recycling waste paper is a major theme of the environment protection nowadays. Waste paper recovery becomes one of the most effective ways to protect our forest, grassland. Paper shredding not only save the storage space but also is a vital step to process the recycling.

Do you know how much paper does a person use for a year? (Assuming that your weight is 50KGS)

It’s about 5 times of your weight!

China is one of the biggest countries of both paper producing and consuming.Books, magazines, notebooks, newspapers, advertising leaflets, toilet papers, beverage cartons, packing cartons, corrugated cases, etc.. If you think about it, you’ll see that paper really plays an important role in our daily life!

With the increasing of iron and sugar consuming in the 20th century, meanwhile paper consumption was also regarded as a measure to the development of a nation’s economic. However, in the 21st century people finally realized that figuring out how to reduce the consumption of paper would be very significant to the society development. Just have a thought, have you ever wasted paper?

Let’s share with you some data.

How many napkins can a tree (14CM X 8M in diameter) be processed into?

About 170 boxes. Such a big tree can be processed into 100 kilograms of debris. And 100 kilograms of debris can produce about 50 kilograms of paper (equivalent to 170 boxes)

Another question, how much carbon dioxide will be released by burning 10KGS waste newspaper?

It’s 1.5 times of the weight of waste newspaper.

Many people might be surprised about the data above, indeed, the smoke from paper burning rise quickly and looks quite light, seems that nothing has happened.

However, if we see from the atomic level, the theory of paper burning is to combine combustibles with oxygen in the air. Burning paper of 10KGS needs 12KGS oxygen, producing 16KGS carbon dioxide and 6KGS vapor. Burning newspapers increase the carbon dioxide in the air, exacerbating the greenhouse effect of the earth.

Significance Of Waste Paper Recycling

Some reports show that expanding the recycling of waste paper can effectively ease the demand tension of raw materials for paper making. For your reference, if we recycle 1 ton waste paper pulp, it will save 3-5 cubic meters of wood, 1.0-1.5 ton coals, 50-100 cubic meters water, 30-800KGS chemical materials, and reduce75% air pollution, 35% water pollution as well as 3 cubic meters spaces for burying the waste.

SIEDON Offers Advanced Paper Shredding Solution

SIEDONTECH have years of experiences in designing and manufacturing advanced paper shredders, the blade of shredder is made of imported high strength alloy steel, featuring in strong abrasion resistance and high strength. With differential operations of four shafts, the functions of tearing, extruding, occluding can be processed perfectly. One operation can complete several shredding requirements, effectively reduce the size of the output in the meantime. Controlled by Siemens electrical element programming system, Harden paper shredders have the function of automatic detection of overload protection to protect the motor effectively, saving the maintenance cost.

waste paper

SIEDON paper shredding machines can meet all kinds of paper shredding demands, coming with advantages of making uniform and size controlled output. Siedon paper shredders are specialized in shredding waste corrugated paper, cardboard, newspaper, paper towel, beverage cartons, office documents, industrial waste paper, etc..

Using waste paper to remake paper can ease the pollution and protect our environment in an effective way, reduce the deforestation as well as conserve native fiber resources, quite significant in both economic and social benefit. The amount of waste paper recycling will increase in the future, and in order to meet the varied developing requirements of the paper recycling industry a more advanced processing technology is needed. Advanced SIEDON shredding technology is always there for you.

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