Twin Chamber Pneumatic Baler

Twin Chamber Pneumatic Baler Model BP202

Twin Chamber Pneumatic Baler Model BP202 is ideal for waste sorting, each chamber can have a dedicated waste type labeled on the door. This means that sorted waste can be placed directly into the baler rather than having a separate sorting area. The practical press head is easy to move from chamber to chamber. It is suitable for the warehouse, hotel, manufactury, retailer to bale plastic or cardboard waste.

Feature of Twin Chamber Pneumatic Baler:

  • Saves handling time with multiple chambers: free to load while other chamber compacts.
  • Roller guided head for ease of movement.
  • Extra baler chambers for sorting several waste types
  • Device locking pressed material in position
  • Optional multiple chamber up to six
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Technical Data of Twin Chamber Pneumatic Baler:

Max Pressure2 Ton
Bale Weight80-90 kg
Modules2 packing chambers
Pressing Cycle60 s
Chamber Dimension500*700*800 mm
Machine Size660*1600*1960 mm
Machine Weight450 kg