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Cardboard Baler
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Hydraulic Cardboard Baler BH103C

Hydraulic cardboard baler is designed for processing recycling solid waste in all forms. Various wastes like cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic films, aluminum cans and other solid wastes are compressed into cuboid bales. The arrangements are provided to tie the bales manually with the help of grooves. This makes it easy for transportation and storage.

Feature of  Vertical Hydraulic Cardboard Press:

  • Robust design, universal application
  • Easy tying
  • One side feeding with safety mechanism
  • Optional anti-rebound hooks
  • Fast and easy operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Rapid compacting cycle
  • Automatic ram return
  • Automatic bale bounce out mechanism
  • Zero oil pressure when idle
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Power-off Protection

Cardboard Baler

Up-load door

cardboard baler

Zero oil pressure when idle

Technical Data of Hydraulic Cardboard Baler:

Motor Power1.5 kW
Pressure2 T
Machine Size700*772*1936 mm
Machine Weight300 kg
Bale Size600*470*929 mm
Ram Stroke600 mm
Applicable MaterialPlastics, metal cans, cardboard

Video for Hydraulic Cardboard Baler:

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