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Biomass Pre-treatment For Kitchen/Animal/Domestic Waste

The treatment of biomass waste, whether it is incineration, composting, or comprehensive treatment, requires complete pre-treatment equipment. According to the application of pretreatment in biomass waste treatment, there are mainly three types of pretreatment technologies:

1.Traditional preprocessing techniques

The traditional garbage pretreatment process is a necessary process before the garbage enters the main processing equipment of the incineration and composting process. It mainly uses physical means such as sorting and crushing to remove components in domestic waste that are not suitable for subsequent processing process requirements, thereby improving the main equipment. processing efficiency and effect.

The pretreatment system generally consists of three parts: crushing, sorting and transmission. The main equipment includes drum screen, air separation, vibrating screen, magnetic separation, etc. Traditional waste pretreatment processes are limited to sorting, classified recycling, etc., and the results are not satisfactory. The main problems are: high construction costs, high operating failures, high energy consumption, high maintenance costs, low efficiency, and poor results. Not only are their functions and proportions of investment, energy consumption, and operation and maintenance costs seriously unequal, but they are also the source of noise, odor, sewage, and dust in the entire production plant.

2. Mechanical biological pretreatment technology

Mechanical biological treatment technology is a technology that uses mechanical or other physical methods combined with biological processes to process and transform biodegradable components in garbage and stabilize them. The purpose of waste biological pretreatment is completely different from that of traditional biocomposting. It mainly adjusts the characteristics of native mixed waste to reduce the moisture content, increase the calorific value of waste, reduce the volume of waste, and facilitate subsequent processing. Using biological treatment technology as a pretreatment technology for landfill or incineration is a promising technology combination to solve the problem of waste treatment.

3. Biomass waste pretreatment technology

Biomass waste pretreatment technology is a complete set of pretreatment technology that integrates crushing, impurity removal, and pulping based on the characteristics of domestic waste, food waste, and fruit and vegetable biomass waste in a non-homogeneous and semi-fluid state. This technology can effectively separate organic waste and inorganic waste. The separated organic matter slurry is stored in a storage tank and can be further processed using anaerobic fermentation technology; the sorted inorganic materials such as plastics, paper scraps and metals can be recycled Or sent to landfill for burial.

By classifying garbage and recycling inorganic matter, the transportation and mixing characteristics of materials are improved to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the treatment system. Combined with technologies such as anaerobic fermentation of organic matter to produce biogas, the garbage can be “broken through”, fully reflecting the concept innovation under the development model of low-carbon economy and circular economy.

treatment of kitchen waste
Biomass Pre-treatment For Kitchen
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