Industrial Waste Shredder Machine For Waste Disposal

Styrofoam Compactor

Styrofoam Compactor

FOB PortGuangzhou, Shenzhen

EPS compactor

High Workmanship

Cooling Hydraulic System

styrofoam blocks

High Efficiency Output


Siedon Styrofoam compactor is designed to reduce the size of expanded polystyrene foams for easier storage and transportation. The compact ratio is up to 40:1; and hours long operation without overheating.

  • Easy truncated to store
  • Compacted EPS blocks by ratio of 40 to 1
  • Achieves a density in the range of 250 – 350 kg/m³
  • Pre-shredded system
  • Hours long operation without overheating
  • High efficiency and output
  • Cooling hydraulic system without stink

Technical Data:

Model CP250 CP370
Feeding Open(mm) 700*600 900*600
Machine Size(mm) 2650*600*1880 3550*750*1960
Machine Weight(kg) 1200 1750
Volume Reduction Ratio 40:1 40:1
Motor Power KW 8.5 14
Block Size (mm) 250*250 370*370
Output (kg/hr) 90-120 160-200
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