Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Organic Waste Depackaging System


The high pressure Dewatering Screw Press is unsurpassed for separating liquids from organic waste. Dewatering screw press is developed for dewatering of food waste from food industry or kitchen waste from composting and Fermentation Center. These water containing reject from food industry or supermarket is both expensive to transport and to dispose of, but after compacting and dewatering in the Siedon dewatering press, it can now go to incineration at a much lower cost. This property can be used for a number of applications and Siedon has supplied solutions for the dewatering, depackaging, separation and shredding a wide range of materials.

Dewatering Screw Press
Food Waste Depacker
Food Waste Depacker
Dewatering Press With Crusher
Dewatering Press With Crusher


The separation Depacker DK is a waste depackaging machine for food recycling. The machine process involves wet materials preparation for the recycling of food waste, organic waste or source separated organics.

Food Waste Depacker & Separator allows the separation of packaging from food or other organic materials and SSO (Source Separated Organics) prior to anaerobic digestion or composting. Examples include separating organics from cans, wrappers, bags, Styrofoam, yogurt, plastic bottles or plastic jar packaging. Inorganic solids (eg packaging) are efficiently separated in the unpacker. Depackaging food waste and organic waste are used to produce biogas.

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