Industrial Waste Shredder Machine For Waste Disposal

Plastic Waste Shredding

Waste plastic includes waste daily plastic products (such as waste plastic shoes, plastic water cups, waste plastic bags, plastic cosmetic bottles, etc.), waste agricultural plastic products (such as waste shed film, mulching film, pesticide packaging bags or packaging bottles, etc.), disposable plastic products (plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic lunch boxes, tableware, etc.). The generated plastic waste can be recycled through shredding, washing and subsequent generation of granulate to produce a recyclable material. Plastic waste shredding can reduce operating cost, granulator downtime, and increased granulator throughput.

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Before Shredding

plastic waste recycling

After Shredding

plastic waste shredding

plastic waste Shredder

Siedon designs and manufactures plastic waste shredder to reclaim post consumer and industrial plastic wastes. To provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, we optimized the cutting speed, size reduction method, and materials feeding according to the material type and application. Disposal process: The feed belt conveyor transports the waste plastics evenly to the crushing knife box of the double-shaft shredder. The alloy steel cutters pre-crush the waste plastics. The crushed materials are sent to the secondary crushing by the conveyor belt conveyor, to meet customer requirements for the material size. A self-unloading permanent magnet separator is installed on the belt conveyor between the two crushers, which is responsible for sorting the magnetically conductive materials contained in the plastic materials after the initial crushing.


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