Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Electronic Waste Disposal System


Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing types of waste in the world, consisting of mobile phones, computers, monitors, refrigerator, washing machines, printers, scanners, games consoles, routers, medical equipment and more. These wastes contain harmful substances such as heavy metals and their disposal in landfills would seriously damage the environment and take up a lot of unnecessary space .Electronic Waste contains a variety of precious and rare earth metals that are highly recyclable, and by reducing their size, they can be recycled efficiently and protect our environment.


Home Appliances/Medical Equipment

The waste appliance shredding and recycling line is a complete set of equipment for crushing and sorting of air conditioners, refrigerators that have been extracted with Freon and removed the compressor. The color sorter adopts 32-bit true color image processing method, high-precision full-color area CCD sensor technology, and has the advantages of precise resolution, high speed and sensitivity.

Electronic shredding

Computer/Phone/PCB/Rigid Disk

We have rich experience in e-waste recycling. In shredding system, the magnetic separator separates iron, the eddy current machine separates non-ferrous metals, and the color separator separates copper and aluminum. There is no need for manual selection in the whole process, which greatly improves work efficiency and sorting accuracy. The crusher is driven by imported motor reducer, with strong power, stable operation and low noise.


Advantages of electronic waste disposal system:
  • Highly integrated modular design, high processing efficiency, low operating cost, and no secondary environmental pollution;

  • Dust removal system prevents dust from entering the air and ensures the health of workers;

  • Safety explosion-proof system to ensure production safety;

  • Video surveillance and linkage control of the whole machine to ensure the safe operation of equipment;

  • Imported PLC control system, high degree of automation;

  • The blade is forged with imported special die steel, and the matching repair tool mold can quickly repair the blade, and the maintenance cost is low

  • Realize more than 99% recycling and reuse of iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, and polyurethane foam

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