Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Municipal Solid Waste Shredding Disposal System


Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) contains a large amount of recyclable and reusable materials, such as high calorific value combustible materials that can be prepared into alternative fuels (RDF, SRF) to reduce the use of coal, organic materials that can be made into compost or used for digester fermentation, and high value recyclables such as plastics, glass, metals and waste paper that can be directly reused or made into raw materials.



Household Waste/Landfill

Siedon provides a full range of MSW processing systems and RDF preparation systems to help improve processing efficiency and recovery rates through pre-shredding, magnetic separation, screening and fine smashing processes. There are only 3 types of final products, including high-quality alternative fuels (RDF / SRF) with a particle size of 98% and less than 60 mm, an alternative fuel based on inorganic materials and recyclable metals.

kitchen waste

Kitchen Waste/Organic Waste

Siedon has a disposal system with a full range of food waste disposal functions – intelligent feeding + screw conveyor + intelligent shredding + scraper conveyor + screw press + paddle depacker machine, with advanced technology and high automation, ultimately achieving effective separation of organic matter to produce organic fertilizer.


Advantages of Municipal Solid Waste Shredding Disposal System:

  • Highly automated production, saving labor costs

  • Low investment, low failure rate, quick recovery of investment costs

  • The whole system occupies a small area and can be easily deployed

  • Safety explosion-proof system to ensure production safety

  • 2 years warranty

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