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Pneumatic Trash baling press

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FOB PortGuangzhou, Shenzhen

Featuring a footprint of just over 3 square feet, the pneumatic trash compactor is a small size, compact vertical baler that surprisingly large amount of cardboard or plastic trash. Despite it’s small size, the model BP102 can create bales of up to 90kg (plastic) and 40kg (cardboard). This makes the trash compactor ideal for smaller locations where efficient trash handling is an integral part of the operation.

As it is an pneumatic (compressed air) powered machine, the model BP102 can be installed directly into a kitchen, or in a food production or a food preparation area. It is free of hydraulic oil and contaminants. The pneumatic power also means that the baler can apply constant compacting pressure, without using further power to do so.

Feature Of Pneumatic Trash Compactor:

  • Low on noise, low on energy
  • Faster pressing cycle
  • Device locking pressed material in position
  • Robust design, universal application
  • Easy two-track tying
Gas source0.8 MPA
Pressure2 T
Machine Size770*700*1830 mm
Machine Weight250 kg
Bale Size590*470*660 mm
Ram Stroke600 mm
trash compactor

Low Noise, Low Energy

trash compactor

Faster Pressing Cycle

Universal Application

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