Industrial Waste Shredder Machine For Waste Disposal

Vertical Baler

Ideal for the shipping company to compact cardboard/bottle garbage on board. It is small footprint, movable, easy to use with a simple automated bale-out mechanism. Equipped with independent emergency stop for safe operation.

This vertical baler can compress the cardboard, cans, metal, bottles base on the 5:1 rate,  strapping after compressed reduce a lot of storage space of the waste, easy to transport, reducing processing costs. And equipped with Euro standard anti-rebound gate structure which makes sure the safety of operation.

It is particularly suitable for the material that poor rebound resilience, high hardness. And compact dimensions, can be placed against a wall or in a corner.

Each chamber can have a dedicated waste type labeled on the door. This means that sorted waste can be placed directly into the baler rather than having a separate sorting area. Mobile workbench and double-chamber structure greatly increase the efficiency of working.

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