Industrial Waste Shredder Machine For Waste Disposal

Scrap Tire Shredding

Scrap tires, including family cars and various work vehicles, are produced every day all over the world. Scrap tire shredding and recycling is a mature and profitable business, and the production of tire-derived fuel (TDF), crumb rubber, rubber powder and tire pyrolysis oil are some of the most representative recycling applications.

Waste tires are not biodegradable, and their components include elements such as lead, chromium, cadmium and other heavy metals. Therefore, the steel wires in the tires need to be separated before recycling.

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Before Shredding

After Shredding


Scrap Tyre Shredder

Siedon provides a wide range of scarp tire shredding solutions. Our industrial shredder can crush tires of all sizes. Whether you are just starting a tire recycling business or need to expand production, we have the right equipment to meet your needs. Our waste shredder can fully meet the requirements of primary  shredding and reduced capacity. In addition, we also provide tire recycling equipment and complete solutions such as wire separators, rolling mills, magnetic separator, vibrating screen and conveyors.


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