Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Bulky Waste Shredding Disposal


Bulky waste might be too large to be handled by nature, but it is far too valuable to be left unutilized. Objects that are awkwardly sized and heavy – for example furniture, mattress, large devices and appliances, are traditionally classified as bulky waste. These Large objects cause headaches in transportation, and moving them around is often expensive.

Pre-shredding bulky waste enables loading the material compactly, which cuts transportation costs. With a smaller gain size, the waste is more efficient to process: screening and sorting can be done more accurately, and different materials are faster in their own stacks and continue to the recycling processes.



Furniture/Mattress/Large Devices

Siedon has shredders system to processing mattresses, sofas and chairs which used for volume reduction as well as to reclaim metals, wood, foam and other materials. One-stop conveyor + crusher + sorter + dust removal equipment to solve transportation problems. After crushing, the materials can be recycled to realize resource utilization.

RDF / MSW / Mixed Waste

Commingled waste can easily be pre-shredded and non combustible items can be separated in a variety of ways that convert the target materials into usable fuels. Siedon system adopts motor-driven double-shaft shredder as core equipment, features large processing capacity, stable performance, and convenient maintenance, easily crush any type of large garbage quickly.


Advantages of bulky waste shredding system:

  • The materials come in as many pieces as they are, and there is no need to transfer and store them;
  • The garbage truck is dumped directly, without feeding equipment and staffing;
  • Fully automated operation, which can be completed by a single person;
  • The crushing and conveying adopts a closed design, and is equipped with a dust removal system;
  • According to the customer’s site and infrastructure, two layouts are provided, ground-sunk type and double-layer type.
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