Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Phone Crusher

E-Waste Phone Shredder

FOB PortGuangzhou, Shenzhen

Phone Crusher

All Kinds Of Electronic Waste


All Kinds Of Electronic Waste


Siedon provides phone shredder for electronic waste recycling.  It fits into areas with limited space requirements, while still providing power to cut down E-waste, like hard disks, electronic motherboard and cell phone.

Advantages Of Phone Shredder:

  • Minimize transportation costs by reducing the volume of your waste.
  • Saves electricity due to energy efficient motors.
  • slow-speed, high-torque grinder with hardened steel cutters.
  • Compact and efficient design allows installation almost anywhere.
  • Hardened steel cutters for long life.
  • Integrated steel scrapers to increase throughput and prevent material build-up.
  • Various cutter configurations and materials available to optimize the grinder performance for your specific application.

Technical Data:

Motor Power (kw)2.2
Cutting Chamber (mm)180 x 50
Working Noise Bel≤ 80
Power SupplyCustomized
Weight (kg)900
Output 90 -120 PCB/H
Machine Size (mm)940 x 650 x 1204
Cutter Thickness (mm)≤ 30 x 50
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