Industrial Waste Shredder Machine For Waste Disposal

Glass Bottle Shredding

Glass is one of the most recyclable items on the planet. It can be broken down and upcycled infinitely without losing strength, purity, or quality. Glass recycling contributes to the environmental conservation as it reduces waste materials. therefore used glass containers should be either reused or recycled. The glass materials need to be shredded before the recycling process.  After Shredding, they are easy to transport and save storage space.

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Before Shredding

glass bottle recycling machine

After Shredding

glass bottle crusher

glass bottle Shredder

The glass bottle shredder is an ideal crusher for small recycling and commercial applications. From undercounter mini industrial shredder suitable for small boutique bars and venues to large multi-feed crushers suitable for large restaurants, hotels and mass bars, to reduces the volume of glass bottles by 75% and output with 30mm flake size.  Siedon machine is simple and safe to use, compact in design, and reliable in performance.  Applicable to: beer glass bottles, other beverage glass bottles, jars, medical glass bottles, wine bottle, infusion bottles, etc. We provide solutions to most industries including bars, restaurants, laboratories, recycling centers, hotels, casinos and many more.


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