Industrial Waste Shredder Machine For Waste Disposal

Textile Waste Shredding

Waste textiles refer to clothing, fabrics, carpets, towels, leathers, etc. that are no longer used in households or commercial and industrial application. Most of them may be reused or recycled. Nowadays, waste textiles are the least recycled in almost all waste streams, however people are throwing away clothes more frequently, resulting in a large amount of textile waste. Traditional landfills not only cause pollution and increase carbon emissions, but also cause a huge waste of resources. Reducing the size of textiles by industrial shredding machine for recycling or energy use is an environmentally friendly treatment method.

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Before Shredding

After Shredding

textile waste shredding

Textile Waste Shredder

Siedon waste textile shredder adopts a special double-knife roller design for soft materials. The two rotors are driven independently, rotate in opposite directions, feed each other, and break multiple times. Waste clothes/leathers fall into the crushing area of the knife group through the feeding bin, and each chip knife roller can automatically feed at an even speed without the need for a pushing device. Both the tool holder and the cutter are bolted to the main shaft, and the detachable design ensures the dynamic balance of the main shaft, low vibration, low noise, and high efficiency. The textile waste shredder equipment has the advantages of uniform discharge, controllable size, etc., and is suitable for the  disposal of various soft and hard materials such as fiber cloth, leather, ton bags, woven bags, etc.


textile waste shredding
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