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Organic Waste Depackaging and Separating System

Food Waste DePacker

ModelDK Series
CategoriesDepackaging Machine
FOB PortGuangzhou, Shenzhen


The separation De-Packer DK is a food waste depackaging machine for food recycling. The machine process involves wet materials preparation for the recycling of food waste, organic waste or source separated organics.

De-packer & Separator allows the separation of packaging from food or other organic materials and SSO (Source Separated Organics) prior to anaerobic digestion or composting.
Examples include separating organics from cans, wrappers, bags, Styrofoam, yogurt, plastic bottles or plastic jar packaging. Inorganic solids (eg packaging) are efficiently separated in the unpacker. Depackaging food waste and organic waste are used to produce biogas.

Features of Food Waste Depackaging Machine:

  • Compact, symmetrical and partially bolted stainless steel construction for our depackaging machine
  • Use of wear-resistant cast materials for the highly stressed beaters
  • Easily exchangeable screen segments
  • Depackaging chamber with individually replaceable impact bars and sieves
  • Sieve openings freely selectable between 5-20 mm, depending on input material and desired particle size

Applications For waste DePacker:

  • In anaerobic digestion units, for preparing the substrate to be sent to the digester;
  • Preparation of wet feed in composting plants to mix with greens;
  • Preliminary treatment of substrates at reception and transfer of organic waste;
  • Expires in the recycling and processing of packaged food;
  • Waste disposal for cleaning reusable parts in all installations;
  • Recycling of production waste in the food industry;
  • In bottling industry, to reduce process waste sent to landfill.

Technical Data:

ModelPowerFood Waste Throughput
DK A15 KW3~5 T/H
DK Ⅱ30 KW5~10 T/H
DK Ⅲ55 KW10~15 T/H
DK Ⅲ90 KW15~20 T/H

Video of Food Waste Depacker Outlet:

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