General Waste Compactor

General Waste Compactor Model BH102

General Waste Compactor BH102 is smallest baler for general waste or marine waste. This important process in recycling resolves the problem of space and efficiency in facilities like malls, retail stores, shipyard, vessels, apartments etc. The volume reduction is approximately 3:1, this will mean reduced waste storage area and savings on transportation and labor costs. This waste compactor machine mainly focuses on reliability, superior press force, and maintenance free and safe functional working environment for the operator.

Feature of General Waste Compactor:

  • Nice workmanship
  • Unique feeding door for easy feeding
  • Low height and small footprint
  • Hydraulic Controlled for easy operation
  • Effective Operation: Inspection window for safety and dust reduction

Technical Data of General Waste Compactor:

Motor Power0.75 kW
Pressure2 T
Machine Size604*538*1832 mm
Machine Weight250 kg
Bale Size460*414*430 mm
Ram Stroke600 mm