Industrial Waste Shredder Machine For Waste Disposal


Medical Waste Crushing Machine

Medical Waste Crushing Machine For Medical Waste Destruction

Siedon supplies complete plants for the shredding and processing of medical waste. The low-speed, high-torque shredder easily shreds the toughest medical-grade materials, from fabric to glass, plastic, and stainless steel instruments. Once shredded, these materials are ideal for thermal destruction and can also be sterilized and disposed of with regular waste. We can provide the …

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Organic Waste Depacking

Organic Waste Depacking

Siedon DK series organic waste depacking machine is a good assistant on unpacking the expired foodstuff which have drink inside and packing with plastic, paper, aluminium film, such as packaging beverage, soft drink, bottled water, milk drink. Packing food whose“best-by” date has passed are usually throw away directly as the rubbish. But actually, the packaging …

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