Industrial Waste Shredder Machine For Waste Disposal


EPS Foam Compactor

Styrofoam Fish Box Recycling —— EPS Foam Compactor

Siedon specializes in the production of EPS foam compactor. Foam compactors are widely used in polystyrene foam compression and volume reduction, screw compression technology, low power consumption, high productivity, reliable and advanced electrical components, reliable and durable, certificate with CE and ISO9001. The medium-sized Styrofoam compactor is a mechanical environmental protection equipment that kneads the …

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How To Deal With Medical Waste? Medical Waste Treatment System

Medical waste includes both medical drug and medical device waste. Medical drugs generally include gauze for patients, expired drugs, animal carcasses, infusion bottles, human infusion needles, infusion tubes, etc. Medical equipment includes toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive waste chemicals, such as waste chemical reagents, chemical disinfectants, mercury sphygmomanometers, mercury thermometers, thermometers, glass test tubes, etc. …

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organic waste disposal

Organic Waste Disposal

Organic/Kitchen waste is perishable organic waste such as fruits and vegetables, food, leftovers, melon and fruit peels discarded in daily life. Due to the incomplete classification of residents, it often contains impurities such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, glass, metal, wood blocks, and bricks. Before the harmless treatment of kitchen waste, these impurities must be …

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Depackaging Machine

Food Waste Depackaging Machine

Siedon Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a food waste depackaging machine in order to solve the difficult problem of organic matter extraction in food waste. The depacker solves the technical problems of incomplete separation of organic matter and inorganic matter in the project process, serious waste of organic matter and high operating cost caused …

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eps recycling

Polystyrene Recycling Will Reduce Environment Pollution

Online shopping has become an indispensable way of life for modern people. Last year, China’s express delivery business exceeded 20 billion pieces. With the rapid development of the express delivery industry, it has also brought a large amount of express packaging waste. These wastes not only cause environmental pollution, but also waste resources. To please …

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medical waste shredding

Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste, also known as infectious or biomedical waste, is any waste that contains infectious materials or potentially infectious substances such as blood. Of particularly concern are sharps such as scalpel blades, needles, glass pipettes, or any other waste material that may cause an injury during handling. At present, the disposal and dumping of medical …

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