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Black Soldier Fly Food Waste Treatment Process

The treatment of food waste by the black soldier fly is a biological treatment method. The black soldier fly belongs to the family Diptera and has a very wide feeding range, especially food waste. Using black soldier flies to treat food waste not only has environmental protection value, but also has high economic value.

The principle of the black soldier fly food waste treatment technology is to take advantage of the characteristics of the black soldier fly larvae in nature to feed on animal feces, rotten organic matter, such as carrion, rotten fruits, vegetables and plant waste. , the proteins and carbohydrates in catering waste are decomposed through the abdominal disintegration of black soldier fly larvae, and new insect proteins and fatty acid resources are synthesized. The insect feces excreted after feeding can be used as high-quality biofertilizers.

During the feeding process, black soldier flies will cultivate a large number of beneficial bacteria. Under the combined action of their larvae’s continuous wriggling, heat production and microbial fermentation, the eaten food waste will emit a large amount of heat and continuously evaporate water. After about 10 days, In the feeding process, all the catering waste in the entire shelf is eaten, and the discharged insect feces and commercial larvae are dried and dispersed, and can be quickly separated and harvested through the separation device. The breeding shelf system is equipped with a temperature and humidity control system. The evaporated water will be quickly discharged from the breeding workshop. When the material has too much moisture, the breeding system will automatically dehydrate and recycle the liberated organic wastewater to the raw material workshop through the recovery device. After being mixed with other auxiliary materials, it is then delivered to the breeding shelf by the distribution system. In this cycle, all the organic matter in the catering waste is eventually consumed and transformed, and the water contained in the catering waste is evaporated and discharged at low temperature.

Food Waste Treatment Process
Food waste pretreatment

Process flow of black soldier flies for food waste treatment:

  1. Food waste pretreatment

Taking catering waste treatment as an example, the raw materials are first crushed to reduce the size of the raw materials to 30-50mm. Then a paddle depacker machine is used to separate inorganic substances such as packaging bags and Coke bottles from the food waste, with a screening rate of 99%. The organic slurry is transported to a storage tank to prepare for subsequent black soldier fly treatment. If the moisture content of the organic slurry is too high, a screw press dehydrator can be used for dehydration to reduce the moisture content to about 75%, which is beneficial to the adult conversion rate of the black soldier fly.

  1. Black soldier fly breeding process

The pretreated organic matter slurry is sent to the feeding system and fed to the black soldier fly, which eats and is converted into materials.

  1. Sorting and processing of worm sand

After the breeding of black soldier flies is completed, the fresh insects and other mixtures are poured from the breeding box into the collecting funnel through the box turning system of the multi-functional workstation. After sliding into the belt conveyor, the mixture is sent to the drum through the multi-stage belt conveyor. Screening machine. The special drum screening machine for black soldier flies can effectively separate black soldier flies and worm sand, and enter the fresh worm conveyor belt and worm sand conveyor through different output ports, and enter their respective cache bins. The fresh worms will be dried by the microwave dryer Or clean the cooking line for processing, and then package or quickly freeze and refrigerate after heat dissipation treatment, and then put it into storage for sale. Since the worm sand still contains a certain proportion of moisture, it needs to be dried naturally or dried by equipment before being packaged and put into storage for sale.

BSF food feeding
BSF food feeding

Advantages of black soldier flies for food waste treatment:

  1. Efficient

After pre-treatment, the kitchen waste is formed into a clean and uniform slurry. The kitchen slurry passes through the black soldier fly automatic production line and automatically controls the growth environment. It takes about 8 days to grow into larvae suitable for commercialization.

  1. Environmentally friendly

The black soldier fly does not produce secondary pollution during the treatment of food waste, can eliminate bacteria in food waste, and can convert organic matter in food waste into its own substances.

  1. Economic benefits

The black soldier fly eats food waste, and the black soldier fly itself is rich in protein. In the end, organic fertilizer and fresh black soldier fly insect products can be obtained, which can be sold to obtain economic benefits.

  1. Resource utilization

The black soldier fly processes food waste to obtain organic fertilizer and fresh black soldier fly insect products, realizing resource recycling.

balck solider fly breeding
balck solider fly breeding
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