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cardboard recycling baler

Cardboard Recycling Balers/Waste Compactors

Compressing cardboard is an easy, simple and effective way of getting rid of your cardboard recycling trouble. Siedon Cardboard Recycling Balers save your company time, money and space as well as improve your recycling efficiency – the largest waste stream for most companies is cardboard.

  • Time – no need to spend time flattening cardboard boxes. Simply place the cardboard waste straight into a heavy-duty industrial cardboard baler and let it do the flat packing for you – the vertical baling press will flatten your cardboard into consistent size bales. The size of cardboard compactor baler you need depends on the sizes of boxes you handle and the amount. A cardboard recycling baler can often be located close to the source of the waste so it can be save time to carrying materials out to bins. This reduces the travel time of transporting the baled cardboard when baling.
  • Money – If you are spending more than $30 per week on the garbage disposal then we will probably have a cheaper solution for you.
  • Space – Our smallest waste handling balers is very small footprint so it can easily fit into small gaps taking up less space than a bin whilst they reduce the volume of your waste. Even our larger balers don’t take up much more space whilst still effectively handling large amounts of cardboard waste – our drum press baler machines are similar sizes too. This means you are able to remove your bins and save space when using our vertical cardboard recycling baler machine to compact cardboard.

Cardboard recycling balers are modern recycling compress machines which allow businesses or recycling center to efficiently handle their waste at the source of generation. Balers come in different sizes, press power and can either be pneumatic or hydraulic.

Cardboard waste compactors handle almost types of cardboard. The user inserts loose cardboard boxes into the baler and the plate pushes it down. These cardboard compactors are designed specifically to reduce the space that is taken up by having a pneumatic plate push down upon it. When full, the user ties the waste together, creating a bale of cardboard or plastic.

There are many advantages of turning loose cardboard into bales. Baling all this waste means your company don’t require any recycling containers. Bins/ containers are voluminous and take up lots of space in small areas. They are also expensive to have regular waste collection and the costs are always rising.

We are the leading manufacturers and supply cardboard and plastic recycling balers. From small up to large size balers, there will always be a choice for any business that wants to save money, space and time on waste.

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