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Commercial Food Compost Machine

The commercial food compost machine is a device used to process kitchen organic waste. It uses the principle of microbial fermentation to decompose the organic matter in the kitchen waste into smaller molecules by controlling temperature, humidity, ventilation and other conditions. Eventually converted into organic fertilizer or biogas. Microorganisms are the key to degrading organic matter, so the degradation machine usually contains one or more suitable microbial strains.

Food waste is a relatively difficult category of food waste to dispose. Siedon uses self-manufactured organic waste rapid degradation organic fertilizer making equipment to convert kitchen waste into high-quality organic fertilizer. Eliminate organic waste from the source and alleviate the pressure caused by organic waste on the environment. This equipment is equipped with a microbial fermentation system, intelligent monitoring and other systems, which can be used to detoxify, reduce, and recycle the source of kitchen waste. It intelligently adjusts the mixing cycle, heating time, etc. through the microcomputer system to accurately control the retention of materials. Time, through mixing, material fermentation, maintaining ventilation, heat preservation, and oxygen supply conditions, greatly improves the degradation rate of organic materials and improves the quality of organic fertilizer output.


Function of Food Compost Machine:

  • It reduces the environmental pollution caused by food waste and reduces the need for landfill and incineration.
  • Converting organic waste into useful resources promotes resource recycling.
  • By producing biogas, greenhouse gas emissions such as methane produced during the degradation of food waste are reduced.

Application of Commercial Food Compost Machine:

  1. Household: You can use a small kitchen waste degradation machine in the home kitchen to process kitchen waste and reduce the amount of garbage generated.
  2. Restaurants and hotels: Large-scale food waste degradation machines can be used to process food waste, reducing dependence on waste disposal companies, and at the same time producing organic fertilizer for use in vegetable gardens or gardens.
  3. Farms and agricultural parks: used to process agricultural waste, produce organic fertilizers and improve soil quality.
  4. Municipal waste treatment center: As part of municipal waste treatment, it degrades food waste and produces organic fertilizer or biogas, reducing dependence on landfills.

In general, the food compost machine reduces the environmental pollution of food waste and reduces the impact of landfill and incineration on the environment. Converting organic waste into useful resources promotes resource recycling. The organic fertilizer produced by degrading food waste can be used in agricultural production and soil improvement, and also reduces the cost of waste disposal.

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