Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Depacker: Depackaging Machine for Packaged Waste

Food waste depackaging machine is a kind of sorting equipment used for centralized treatment of kitchen waste of food waste recycling in large waste treatment center. It is mainly used to realize the automatic breaking of packaged bags and the separation of kitchen waste. Just put the kitchen waste or food waste into the depacker, the packaged bag will be automatically broken to piece. The food waste and the packaged bag will be separated and pretreated, and then sent to the garbage treatment equipment for further treatment, such as fermentation. The treated food waste will be made into fertilizer or other useful substances, such as biomass fuel, for planting, power generation and so on.

The function of the food waste depackaging machine is to separating, crushing and pretreatment, crushing the food waste into fine particles or depackaging by heating, steam, chemicals, and remove the water, grease and other components. The food waste can be used to produce organic fertilizer, bioenergy and other market demands finally. It can reduce the pollution of kitchen waste to the environment, effectively protect environmental hygiene and health, and also provide a convenient way for waste classification and resource recovery.

Advantages of Food Waste Depacker:

  1. Excellent separation effect: It can effectively remove impurities, grease, moisture and other components in kitchen waste, and improve the quality of kitchen waste.
  2. High processing efficiency: The depackaging machine has high-speed crushing and mixing functions, high processing efficiency, and can quickly process a large amount of kitchen waste.
  3. Linkage treatment: It can be linked with other garbage treatment equipment, such as dewatering screw press, industrial shredder, bioreactor and organic fertilizer production equipment, to achieve the purpose of garbage classification and resource recovery.
  4. Environmental protection and energy saving: The use of kitchen waste to produce organic fertilizer and bio-energy can reduce the environmental pollution caused by kitchen waste incineration, protect natural resources and save energy consumption.
  5. Economic benefit: Depacker can extract organic matters and recyclable substances from the kitchen waste and realize resource utilization, thereby reducing the burden of food waste and bringing considerable economic benefits to enterprises.
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