Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

EPE Compactor – EPE Recycling

The Siedon EPE compactor efficiently turns EPE waste to value! By compacting the foam wasteyou will save money on storage and transportation, and excessive fees for disposal. But most importantlyyou will turn your waste foam into a commodity, which can then be sold to recycling companies who wilturn the EPE into new foam products.

EPE are very functional materials with an assortment of different qualities: strength,flexibility, high impact resistance, thermal insulation, and even water repellence. This is possible due toEPP and EPE being produced in many densities, colors, and cross link materials. This makes it apopular choice as packaging material for various products and food items.

EPE Compactor

The is a versatile machine that can easily be designed to fit your application and facilityrequirements, The system is an automatic solution that is designed to be user friendly and require minimal oversight.

Several of the innovative features include: photosensors for start/stop, temperature sensors forcontinuously monitoring the compaction process, and speed control to ensure the correct rate ofcompaction, There are also numerous ways to feed the material including conveyor belt, pre-crusheror even directly from a cyclone.

Unlike many other machines that handles EPE foam, the Siedon EPE compactor does not melt the materiacompletely. Instead, they the block using an auger, giving a high throughput andsuperior energy eficiency. However, because the EPE is very prone to re-expand after beingcompacted, the EPE compactor melts a thin shell around the block to ensure that it keeps its square form.The blocks can then be easily handled and stacked on pallets.

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