Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

How to Proudce Organic Fertilizer from Food Waste Efficiently

Food waste has the characteristics of high moisture, high salinity, high organic matter content, obvious differences in components, coexistence of harmfulness and resources, rich energy and economic value, and can realize resource utilization and energy utilization.

At present, the treatment of food waste has abandoned the traditional treatment methods such as incineration and burial, and vigorously promoted the harmless and resource-based treatment. The technologies of kitchen waste resource treatment include high-temperature aerobic composting treatment technology, feed treatment technology, anaerobic fermentation technology and biological treatment technology. Among them, aerobic and anaerobic treatment technologies are mature and reliable, but the extraction efficiency of organic matter is still not ideal, for the following reasons:

  1. Defects in system design and errors in process calculation;
  2. The extraction rate of organic matter is low, which can not meet the back-end process;
  3. Defects in equipment manufacturing and lack of experience in equipment selection;
  4. The outputs (biogas, biodiesel, waste) involve multiple disciplines and are difficult to control due to lack of operating experience.

Aerobic and anaerobic biotechnologies rely on the organic matter in food waste, and if there are a large number of impurities in the waste, it will affect the success or failure of the application of biotechnology. Organic matter in food waste is ubiquitous, and its shadow can be seen in solid phase, liquid phase and even gas phase, so how to extract organic matter in garbage with high efficiency and high proportion is the most important, which is directly related to the success or failure of resource treatment of kitchen waste.

Guangzhou Siedon Technology Co., Ltd. has provided a complete set of food waste treatment system, with an organic matter extraction rate of 99%.It effectively solves the common problem of low extraction rate of organic matter in kitchen waste treatment industry.

Siedon food waste treatment system mainly includes feeding system, crushing system, screening and depackaging system, dehydration system, heating and buffering system and three-phase separation system.

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