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Hydraulic vs. Pneumatic Waste Balers: Choosing the Right Solution

When it comes to waste balers, the choice between hydraulic and pneumatic systems can be a critical decision for businesses. Each type has its unique advantages, and the best option depends on specific needs and materials. At Siedon, we offer both hydraulic and pneumatic waste balers to provide tailored solutions for our clients.

1.Hydraulic Waste Balers: Power and Density


  • High Pressure: Hydraulic balers leverage the power of hydraulic systems, enabling them to achieve significant pressure for compressing materials like cardboard.
  • Dense and Heavy Bales: Ideal for applications where dense and heavy bales are required, especially for materials like cardboard.

2.Pneumatic Waste Balers: Efficiency and Consistency


  • Constant Pressure: Pneumatic balers maintain consistent pressure, making them advantageous for soft plastics and low to medium volumes of materials like shrink wrap.
  • Solid Bales: The constant pressure results in solid bales, reducing material rising in the baler chamber for improved filling.
Pneumatic Waste Balers

What type Waste Baler is best for cardboard waste?

It is generally the case that for cardboard, a hydraulic cardboard baler is the better option. A pneumatic baling machine cannot achieve the pressure that comes with a hydraulic power pack. However, you may not need to achieve very dense and heavy bales for your recycler, you may simply want to make movement of material a little easier.

What type Waste Baler is best for baling soft plastics?

It is generally the case that for soft plastic, a pneumatic baler has more advantages for low and medium volumes of shrink wrap (or similar material). Constant pressure creates very solid bales and reduces the material rising in the waste baler chamber, making filling easier.

What type Waste Baler is best for high volumes of waste?

We would always recommend a Hydraulic baler to those businesses with 1 tonne of material or more per week, providing that 3-phase electricity is available.

Which type of Cardboard Baler is quieter?

Hydraulic is generally quieter; but you can make a pneumatic waste baler virtually silent, even with a compressor.

What type of Cardboard Baler is easier to maintain?

If you have your own air line – pneumatic Waste Balers. If you don’t and don’t have a small air compressor, then a hydraulic Waste Baler. Compressor maintenance checks are pretty straight forward and take up a couple of minutes per month.

What type of Cardboard Baler is more energy efficient?

It is generally understood that compressors can have a relatively high electricity demand. We’ve done back to back tests on the KW/h consumption of comparably sized pneumatic and hydraulic baling machines and hydraulic uses significantly less electricity per tonne of cardboard baled.

At Siedon, we understand that every business has unique requirements. Our ability to offer both hydraulic and pneumatic waste balers ensures that we can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact us to explore the best waste baler solution for your business, backed by our expertise and commitment to delivering reliable and efficient equipment.

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