Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Kitchen Waste Disposal Anaerobic Digestion Project

Anaerobic digestion is an anaerobic biological treatment, which degrades and converts complex organic matter in garbage into simple and stable compounds through the action of anaerobic microorganisms under the condition of oxygen isolation, and releases energy at the same time. The energy released is mainly methane. Anaerobic digestion process includes wet and dry methods. Wet anaerobic digestion is suitable for waste with moisture greater than 80%, especially for waste with high moisture and high organic content from kitchen and industry, but not for mixed waste and wood waste. Dry anaerobic digestion is suitable for wet and semi-dry garbage from gardens, kitchens and industries with 60%-80% moisture.

Anaerobic digestion process is various, and its main process also includes pretreatment, fermentation, post-treatment, deodorization, storage and other processes. Siedon technology provides a complete anaerobic digestion treatment system. The whole equipment of the system is sealed for treatment, the exposure degree of garbage in the treatment process is low, and the odor treatment range is lower than that of aerobic composting.

Kitchen Waste Disposal in China:

Project Location: Hunan Province, China
Materials: kitchen waste, food waste
Process: crushing → primary depackaging → second depackaging → dewatering → fermentation
Output: 15 tons per hour, 100 tons per day


Food Waste Depackaging System1

Video shows:

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