Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

How To Deal With Medical Waste? Medical Waste Treatment System

Medical waste includes both medical drug and medical device waste. Medical drugs generally include gauze for patients, expired drugs, animal carcasses, infusion bottles, human infusion needles, infusion tubes, etc. Medical equipment includes toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive waste chemicals, such as waste chemical reagents, chemical disinfectants, mercury sphygmomanometers, mercury thermometers, thermometers, glass test tubes, etc.

Medical Waste Treatment: Disposal of medical waste has always been an issue of widespread concern around the world. Relevant treatment technologies are divided into three categories:

  1. high temperature treatment methods, such as incineration, pyrolysis and vaporization;
  2. alternative treatment methods, such as chemical disinfection, high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization, dry thermal disinfection, Microwave treatment and safe landfill;
  3. innovative technologies, such as plasma technology, radiation technology.

At present, the most widely used treatment method is sanitary landfill. The principle is to bury the garbage underground and decompose it into harmless substances through the long-term decomposition of microorganisms.

The Function of the Siedon Medical Waste Treatment System:

Medical waste treatment, whether it is disinfection, on-site incinerator, or centralized landfill, needs to be crushed first, and then processed in the next procedure, which can not only improve the treatment efficiency, but also reduce the pollution to the environment as little as possible. Through the transmission system and the reducer, the Siedon medical waste crusher makes the two gears cut the material against the rollers and crushes the material into blocks.

Medical Waste Treatment System

Features of Medical Waste Crusher:

  • Full PLC control, easy to operate
  • Customized carbide inserts have high wear resistance, high strength and strong corrosion resistance.
  • The crushing chamber can accommodate more small and medium wastes.
  • The equipment is equipped with overload protection function, which can prevent damage to the machine caused by overload.
  • Strong structure of the frame, the main frame is made of rectangular tube, which has greater strength and high stability.
  • Adopt SKF brand bearings, which can carry greater impact force.
  • The crushing chamber is riveted by high-strength steel plates, which is easy to disassemble, easy to maintain, and has a longer service life and greater strength.
  • The crushing size is adjustable, the discharge is 10-50mm

Siedon Tech is mainly committed to the production of waste crushers. Our waste crusher machine have the advantages of low speed, high torque and strong crushing force. Capacity from 1 ton to 50 tons per hour. The waste shredder is suitable for the crushing of solid waste such as waste plastics, electronic waste, urban waste, domestic waste, kitchen waste, medical waste, and various types of wood.

Medical Waste Treatment System on-site:

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