Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Organic Waste Depacker And Separation

40% of the organic matter in kitchen waste is wasted. Generally speaking, organic waste has the following uses:

  1. Animal feed
    Generally, the waste fruit and vegetable garbage in fruit shops in vegetable markets can be used as animal feed after crushing and pulping.
  2. Plant food
    Kitchen waste can be composted, and small waste transfer stations are equipped with composting or anaerobic fermentation equipment to make better use of organic matter for composting and fermentation.
  3. Make biogas
    Organic waste can be highly utilized in large waste treatment centers, which can produce biogas in addition to aerobic and anaerobic fermentation. The main component of biogas is methane released by methanogenic bacteria. Although methane is a greenhouse gas, it is also a clean gas energy, belonging to a kind of natural gas.
  4. Extracting biofuel
    Organic waste is rich in oil, which can be extracted into biofuel. The remaining residue can be converted into biochar in an oxygen-free high temperature environment for heating or power generation.
organic waste disposal
organic waste disposal

The organic waste depacker and screw press dehydration system developed by Siedon Technology can remove food waste from packaging, control the moisture content, and minimize the moisture in inorganic waste to achieve energy saving and emission reduction during incineration. The pulped food waste can be composted or used as animal feed to produce high-quality organic fertilizer.

Advantages of Organic Waste Depacker And Separating Equipment:

  1. An organic collection hopper with attached auger is provided for discharging dry or semi-dry organic matter.
  2. The screw shaft extracts clean, dry material (inorganic) for recycling or reuse. No secondary processing or handling is required.
  3. User-friendly design pattern for easy maintenance and upkeep.
  4. No need for water. Water/leachate is added, shut off or regulated during operation via threaded piping on the touch screen control panel and simple solenoid valve control.
  5. It can replace a variety of equipment on the market and integrate multiple functions in one machine.

Video of Organic Waste Depacker:

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