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Introduction of Glass Bottle Recycling Method

The glass has excellent performance and can be applied to various occasions. Stained glass and hot-melt glass can be used in interior decoration, and the style is changeable. Safety glass such as tempered glass and laminated glass can be used in occasions where personal safety needs to be protected. When brightness needs to be adjusted and privacy needs to be protected, frosted glass and dimming glass may be used, which is convenient and durable.

Method for glass bottle recycling

At present, there are several types of recycling of glass products: as a foundry flux, conversion use, recycling, raw material recovery and reuse.

1. Used as casting flux

Cullet can be used as a flux for melting cast steel and cast copper alloy to cover the melt and prevent oxidation.

2.Transformation and utilization

Transformational utilization is a recycling method that needs to be developed urgently, and there will be many new value-added technologies for transformational utilization in the future. After the pretreated cullet is processed into small glass particles, it can be used for the following purposes:

  • Glass shards are used as a combination of road surfaces. Tests in the United States and Canada for several years have proved that the use of glass shards as road fillers has the advantages of reducing accidents caused by lateral skidding of vehicles, reflecting suitable light, good wear of road surfaces, fast melting of snow, and being suitable for use in places with low temperatures.
  • mixing the crushed glass with building materials to make building products such as building prefabricated parts, building bricks and the like. It has been proved by practice that the products formed by pressing with agricultural production system materials as cementing agent have high dimensional accuracy and strength, and low production cost.
  • The crushed glass is used to make building surface decorations, reflector materials, arts and crafts, and clothing ornaments, which have beautiful visual effects.
  • The mixture of glass and plastic waste and building materials can be made into synthetic building products, etc.

3. Recycling

The recycled glass is pretreated and melted to make glass containers, glass fibers, etc.

4. Recycling of raw materials

The recycled cullet is used as an additive raw material for glass products, because the addition of a proper amount of cullet helps the glass to melt at a lower temperature.

5. Reuse

At present, the reuse scope of glass bottle packaging is mainly low-value and large-quantity commodity packaging glass bottles. Such as beer bottles, soda bottles, soy sauce bottles, vinegar bottles and some canned bottles.

Glass Bottle Recycling

What is the use of glass bottle recycling?

  • 1.Glass fragments are used as pavement assemblies, building bricks, glass wool insulation materials, and honeycomb structural materials.
  • 2. directly stirring and mixing the crushed glass and the building material components together to prepare the integral building prefabricated glass
  • 3. The crushed container glass can also be used to make reflector materials and clothing decorations.
  • 4. it is used to decorate the surface of buildings to make them have beautiful optical effects.
  • 5. Can be directly ground into various shapes, and then bonded into arts and crafts or small decorations such as buttons.
  • 6. The mixture of glass and plastic waste can be molded into synthetic slate products.
  • 7. It can be used for the production of sewage pipes.

Compared with the developed countries of glass industry in the world, China started late in the recycling of waste glass. In addition to the traditional manual sorting, there are also automatic sorting and separation technologies in waste glass recycling plants abroad, which ensure that the quality of glass products is not affected by the addition of waste glass. At present, there are few waste glass treatment plants in China, and the sorting and sorting of waste glass are mainly manual, so the treatment cost is high. Some manufacturers have begun to use recycled broken glass to produce glass beads, glass mosaics, colored glass balls, glass bricks, artificial glass marble and so on.

Video of Glass Bottle Beer Crushing:

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