Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Organic Waste Recycling System

Organic waste is unavoidable in our modern world. The organic waste recycling system applies to packaging material that is associated with organic waste. Our mission is to make both usable again in an efficient manner. That’s because every gram of this waste contains energy that we can return to the economic and natural cycle. Adding value to your company and our environment.

The key to effective value creation lies in the most efficient separation of packaging and content. Over the last ten years we’ve worked closely with our customer and developed a ground-breaking, patented separation technique that sets new standards worldwide. How do you benefit: a minimum of synthetic residual materials combined with maximum sustainability and profitability.


  1. Food waste of all kinds is separated mechanically into organic and syntheticmaterials.

Synthetic materials such as plastic are separated with minimal biomass residues.

  1. Organic waste is mechanically processed into organic substrate without residues fromplastic and other environmentally hazardous substances.

Depending on the composition ofthe synthetic substances, they can be recycled.

  1. Biogas power plants generate up to850 kWh of clean energy per tonne of organic substrate.

What remains is also converted into energy in incinerators.

  1. The fermented substrate from the biogas system makes an excellent and plastic-free fertiliser for agriculture.

Advantages of Organic Waste Recycling System:

  • Efficient separation makes it possible forthe majority of packaged organic waste tobe reused.

90 % of the waste volume recycled
1.000 kg food waste =900kg biogas/biofertilizer/recycling=100kg packaging and residual materials

  • Packaging waste is reduced to a fraction of its previous volume. Biogas and biofertilizers generate new income. This resultsin significantly lower disposal costs.
  • The cost savings mean our customersachieve an excellent return on investmentwith a service life of more than 10 years
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