Glass Bottle Crusher

Glass Bottle Crusher Model GB101

Our glass bottle crusher will crush glass bottles to 10-20 mm pieces, thus save storage space as well as the costs of collection/transportation. Moreover, crushed glass can be reused. We adopt wear resistance alloy steel for the crusher blades to ensure long service life, as the blades are key parts of the crusher.

Features of glass bottle shredder:

  • Energy Saving;
  • Small flake size;
  • Easy to move around;
  • Easy and save operation
  • Top brand electric components for stable operation
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Glass Bottle Crusher detail

Top Brand Electric Components

Glass Bottle Crusher detail

Easy and Save Operation

Glass Bottle Crusher output

Small Flake Size

Technical Data of Glass Bottle Crusher:

Motor Power1.1kW/1.5Hp
Feeding Open(mm)140×140
Machine Size(mm)1200*400*1300
Machine Weight(kg)140
Volume Reduction≥75%
Shaft Speed(rpm)1400
Output Size(mm)≤15
Capacity (pcs/min)*36~10

Video of Glass Bottle Crusher