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Styrofoam Fish Box Recycling —— EPS Foam Compactor

Siedon specializes in the production of EPS foam compactor. Foam compactors are widely used in polystyrene foam compression and volume reduction, screw compression technology, low power consumption, high productivity, reliable and advanced electrical components, reliable and durable, certificate with CE and ISO9001.

The medium-sized Styrofoam compactor is a mechanical environmental protection equipment that kneads the foamed plastics according to the principle of pressure generated by the spiral rotation, and performs cold pressing and compression processing on them. When in use, the operator only needs to put the foam into the hopper, and the equipment will shred and crush the tissue to smash and screw the foam, and then form a square foam compression block after being processed by the screw mechanism.

So far, Siedon foam compactors have provided EPS waste treatment solutions for nearly a thousand domestic and foreign customers. After years of accumulated research and development, Siedon foam compactor models are mature and can process polystyrene foam quickly and efficiently without heating and without changing the physical properties of the plastic foam.

Various types of foam such as EPS expanded polystyrene, XPS extruded polystyrene, PSP polystyrene paper, EPP expanded polypropylene can be customized according to customer requirements.

Features of EPS Foam Compactor:

  • Compact EPS foam blocks up to 30 times
  • After compaction, the density can reach 350kg/m³ and 400kg/m² per year
  • The compacted briquettes can be easily cut off, stored and stacked
  • Self-contained pre-crushing mechanism to ensure work efficiency
  • Low energy consumption, no odor when working
  • Different feed sizes available
  • For powder compaction, pre-crushing mechanism can be omitted
  • Excellent workmanship, reasonable price, high return on investment

How to Use it?

  • Throw the EPS scrap blocks into the hopper.
  • Precut Cut the block volume to 20mm to 50mm sized sheet foam blocks.
  • The compressor uses screw compression at the bottom of the hopper to compress the foam block.
  • The discharge port extrudes the compressed foam block.
  • The compression result is: 30-40 times the volume reduction EPS compression block

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