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Twin Chamber Pneumatic Compactor

Twin Chamber Garbage Compactor

Siedon’s Twin Chamber Garbage Compactor is one of the most versatile vertical balers in our baling press collection. It is suit for paper, cardboard, film, plastic bottle, chemical drums, tin cans, empty paint tins, textile, fiber, foam, baggasse,and any other soft packagings.

Feature of Twin Chamber Baling Compactor:

  • Auto cycle down and return
  • Option to bale different materials in each chamber
  • Faster process as second chamber can be loaded while compacting the other chamber
  • Bale removal by trolley or option to use machines hydraulic system
  • Easy and safe twine threading, tie off bales in minutes
  • Optional multiple chamber up to six
Garbage Compactor

Technical Data of Twin Chamber Garbage Compactor:

Motor Power 0.75 kW
Pressure 2.5 T
Machine Size 1500*600*1600 mm
Machine Weight 250 kg
Bale Size 620*500 mm
Bale Weight 20-50 kg
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