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3 Tips for Cardboard Baler Maintenance

There are some definite precautions for cardboard balers, but the number one advice to protect the life of your balers is to maintain them properly. All baler operators must know how to properly maintain their machines in their facility to increase productivity and efficiency.

These handling and maintenance tips can help you improve the performance of your cardboard baler for years to come.

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Baler Care: 3 Tips for Baler Maintenance

Keep your facility clean

Cleaning the outside of the baler is just as important as the inside of the machine. Removing debris and other debris from around the baler helps keep the machine working properly. Take care to clean the sensor, plunger and oil cooler to avoid fire, oil contamination and prevent the machine from overheating.

Maintenance of baled oil

Oil is the lifeblood of a baler, and preventing oil contamination is critical to extending the life expectancy of the machine. The operator should test it or have it tested by an oil analysis company. Oil that contains metal fragments may indicate a problem with the hydraulic cylinder of the baler. These metal fragments can be removed by filtration or replacement. Contaminants in the oil can reduce its viscosity, making it less suitable for lubrication, resulting in poor baler performance and maintenance.

The oil and air filters of the baler should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and according to your environment.

Train your operators

Before touching the machine, your employees should be trained and well equipped in the use, maintenance and safety of the baler.

At the most basic level, the baler operator should be responsible and accountable for routine inspection, monitoring and cleaning. Others also provide product knowledge and installation training.

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Possible failures in the oil pump of the vertical cardboard baler:

Using the hydraulic waste cardboard baler, machine parts will be damaged due to wear, poor lubrication, and excessive oil temperature, which will increase the occurrence of failures and accidents. Therefore, it is very important to find and troubleshoot quickly.

  1. The oil supply of the oil pump is insufficient or there is no pressure.
    Cause of failure: oil pump body, oil distribution plate wear or plunger damage.
    Solution: overhaul the oil pump or replace it with a new pump.
  2. The oil pump is noisy.
    Cause of failure: oil pump sucks empty, filter screen is blocked, oil suction pipe or pump oil inlet is blocked, plunger is broken, bearing is broken.
    Solution: clean or replace the filter screen, clean the pipeline; replace the new plug and bearing.
  3. No action after the oil pump is started.
    The spool of the relief valve is stuck, and the adjusting pressure handle is loose.
    Clean the overflow valve, check the valve core and spring, and tighten the adjustment handle.

To avoid the above failures as much as possible, there is only a reasonable maintenance method for vertical baler.

  • Remove the waste or dirt in the machine bin once a week.
  • Clean, maintain and lubricate the skateboard, the middle knife and the front top knife once a month.
  • Once every three months, add lubricating oil to all bearings except after the above two maintenances have been done.
  • Replenish the oil in the reducer wheel box every two years.
  • It should be noted that several parts should not be refueled: one is to send and return the belt rollers, two are all belts, and three are slippery pieces and surrounding areas.
  • Each time you refuel, it should be added in an appropriate amount, not excessively, so as to avoid the failure of the micro switch due to oil immersion.

The purpose of preventing the hydraulic baler from being prone to failure during operation is to further check the damage of the internal parts of the waste paper accounting, and take out the damaged parts for repair or replacement. This helps to improve the efficiency and service life of the waste paper packaging machine.

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