Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Hazardous Packaging Waste Shredding Solution

In the process of hazardous waste collection, a large number of woven bags, packaging bags, ton bags, waste fabrics and other materials with strong flexibility are produced. Usually hazardous waste disposal centers are equipped with a set of hazardous waste crushing system, but this system is mainly used for crushing difficult-to-break materials such as barreled materials, so the design of tools and power is large. If the packaging waste shredding in the hazardous waste system, the following problems will occur:

  1. The material density is low, the volume is large, the feed amount is small, and the output is low;
  2. High energy consumption;
  3. The effect of crushing particles is poor, resulting in a large number of long strips of material
    Therefore, different levels of packaging materials are accumulated in the hazardous waste disposal centers.

According to the characteristics of packaging waste, Siedon has developed a complete solutions to crushing packaging waste materials, which solves the problem of shredding packaging waste materials from various aspects such as transportation, crushing, fire protection, and operation.

Packaging Waste Shredding

Features of Packaging Waste Shredding Machine:

  1. Complete functions of conveying, crushing, extinguishing and automatic control;
  2. It has strong adaptability to materials and can crush flexible, brittle and viscous materials;
  3. The design of the equipment is compact and the floor space is reduced;
  4. Automatic temperature detection, equipped with automatic fire extinguishing system to ensure the safe operation of the system;
  5. The particle size after crushing is about 100mm, which is convenient for transportation and incineration;
  6. The equipment operates with low noise and vibration, and can be installed and operated directly in the open space;
  7. The equipment is easy to operate, stable in performance, energy saving and environmental protection.
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