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50T/D Kitchen Waste Treatment Solution

In view of the current situation of kitchen waste treatment in my country, Siedon technology reasonably optimizes the design plan, and specially proposes a simplified and economical solution suitable for small and medium-sized cities in different regions for the different volumes and properties of kitchen waste generated in large, medium and small cities. plan. Ensure that user applications are reasonable, reduce investment and operation and maintenance costs, and truly realize the reduction, harmlessness and resource treatment of kitchen waste.

Treatment scale: 50T/D kitchen waste treatment

Process selection: The kitchen waste treatment process is to mix the collected kitchen waste after pretreatment (including sorting, crushing, extrusion dehydration) with fermentation bacteria in a certain proportion and then put it into the equipment for fermentation, using the activity of microorganisms, The organic matter in the kitchen waste is decomposed and decomposed, which can completely kill various harmful bacteria and pathogens, and convert them into organic fertilizer raw materials, so as to realize the harmless treatment and resource utilization of the kitchen waste.

kitchen waste treatment

Process Flow Chart:

Program Advantages:

  • The quick-opening structure is used between the unloading halls, and the odor collection is strengthened in these key areas to ensure the micro-negative pressure in the area and prevent the odor from escaping.
  • This set of kitchen wasre pretreatment process requires less equipment, high smoothness, and high oil extraction rate. The average oil extraction rate of kitchen waste exceeds 5%, and the economic benefits are good.
  • Integrated sewage treatment, waste water and waste gas meet the national emission standards, no secondary pollution.
  • The whole system runs stably, with a high degree of automation and low maintenance costs.

Siedon Technologies also offer 100T/D, and 200 T/D kitchen waste treatment system.

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