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Installation Site Of Organic Waste Treatment System

Organic Waste System
Organic Waste Treatment System

With the rapid development of social economy and the high concentration of urban population, two-thirds of the cities in the country are surrounded by garbage, and 60% of the domestic garbage is organic garbage, which can be recycled on-site. It is recyclable and hazardous waste. Recently, the organic waste treatment system with a daily processing capacity of 200 tons ordered by our company in Shanghai has been delivered to the site for installation.

The organic waste treatment system includes: feeding system – sorting machine – elevator – crusher – dehydrator, etc., which is specially used for processing vegetable market waste, fruit and vegetable waste, tail vegetables, fruit and vegetable waste, etc. Or mechanically sort out the organic waste, after crushing and dehydration, to achieve the required fineness and dryness for fermentation, and fermented into odorless and harmful bacteria-free organic fertilizer within 24 hours through high temperature and high oxygen, which saves money. Used for filled lands, saving vehicles and energy for transporting them, preventing mosquitoes and bacteria from breeding, protecting the environment, and cultivating the land.

Through the reduction, recycling treatment of organic wastes, the on-site treatment of the waste is realized, thereby avoiding the secondary pollution to the environment during the transportation of the waste, and at the same time, the organic fertilizer produced after the treatment Not only can it be returned to the farm, but it can also generate certain economic benefits.

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