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Advantages of Screw Press Squeezer

Guangzhou Siedon Technology is a manufacturer of screw press for liquid/solid separation. Screw press squeezer is used in municipal waste treatment, agricultural products pressing and pulping, anaerobic fermentation and other industries. These industries require equipment that is durable and easy to maintain. Properly lubricated screw press can operate continuously for 3 to 5 years with reliable maintenance, up to 10-15 years, with a long service life. Siedon Technology produces screw extruders of various sizes and sizes, with screw diameters ranging from 0.2 meters to 1 meter.

The standard material used in the construction of the Siedon screw extruder is 304 stainless steel on a surface with a carbon steel base. The screw press squeezer has a screen area length to screw diameter ratio of 8:1. This gives the screw press an advantage over competing screw press in terms of its hydraulic capabilities.

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Advantages of Screw Press Squeezer:

Screw shaft

The screw shaft body is tapered and the thread pitch is reduced to produce a gradual volume reduction. The discharge scraper shall be hardfaced. The large press is equipped with a central shaft drainage device at the discharge end of the screw, and the central shaft drainage can reduce the path that the moisture needs to move by half.

Screen cage assembly

The split screen assembly, located between the inlet and outlet housings, can be split in half and the G-shaft or other screen sections can be replaced without disassembly. Screen sections can be up to 1 meter in length and have back ribs spaced to provide screen support and strength. In the pressure zone, the screen sections are fitted with heavy duty backed screen plates ranging in thickness from 1/4 ″ to 1/2 ″. Internal screen apertures range from 1 mm tapered holes to 4 mm perforations. The inner screen can be replaced for all screen sections.

Base frame

The structural material is carbon steel. Welded one-piece heavy duty channel with integral cross bars and cover plates, all coated with one coat of industrial primer and finished with 2 coats of industrial blue stamp blue.


The thrust bearing and wet end seal are mounted on the outside and can be inspected or replaced by simply removing eight bolts. The seal is a V-ring type that will not wear the shaft or form a groove in the shaft because the seal will rotate with the shaft. The wear surface is a water jet cut 1/4 inch plate. The seal wear plate can also be replaced without removing the screw shaft. The wet-end thrust bearing is protected by three seals and a drain.

Inlet end thrust bearing

The life of the spherical roller thrust bearing at the inlet end is 100,000 hours. The lubrication frequency is once a week. The thrust bearing can be easily replaced without replacement.

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