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Organic Separator – Kitchen Waste Pretreatment

In China, the treatment and resource utilization of kitchen waste and kitchen waste have changed from a trend to a common one. The policy has effectively promoted the development of the kitchen waste pretreatment industry. At the same time, the effective treatment of kitchen waste can solve the dilemma of garbage besieged cities and villages. The key and difficult point of kitchen waste pretreatment is how to remove the impurities in the waste and separate the organic part with high precision, high proportion and economy. Pretreatment of kitchen waste is the premise and difficult problem for the successful utilization of organic waste resources, and is the key to the success or failure of the application of back-end biotechnology.

There are two problems in the traditional pretreatment technology of kitchen waste, one is that the pretreatment line is long and complex. The production line has many equipment, and there are many transfer conveyances between the equipment, so the equipment has many fault points, the operation and maintenance are inconvenient, the occupied area is large, and the energy consumption and engineering investment of the production line are increased; secondly, the loss of organic matter is large, and the separation efficiency of impurities and organic matter is low. In the process, the screening link is the core sorting link.Due to the large and small particle size of gravity screening, the screening efficiency is low, which will cause a large loss of organic matter. When the kitchen waste is wet, the screening equipment is easy to block the screen, and the screening efficiency is low.

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Previously, we used a screw press dewatering machine to realize the Solid-liquid Organic Separator, and then disposed of the solid phase and liquid phase obtained from the separation. After several years of actual operation test, the advantages and disadvantages of screw press in kitchen waste treatment have been fully demonstrated. The separation process of garbage disposal is the separation of liquid and solid in the old mind. The screw extruder is the equipment choice based on the separation concept of the old consciousness. Its basic principle is no longer in line with the original intention of garbage classification in the process of garbage collection and storage.

The purpose of introducing the source selection of classification is to divide the garbage into degradable (organic matter) and non-degradable (inorganic matter). The degradable part is a resource, which is quickly decomposed by means of fermentation and obtains heat energy resources at the same time. Incineration treatment of non-degradable parts can increase the combustion heat value by reducing the moisture content, and reduce the cost of waste disposal and treatment.More specifically, the screw dehydrator achieves solid-liquid separation, not the separation of organic matter and inorganic matter.

Through mechanical extrusion, the volume of the compressed material is reduced, and the free water in the material is squeezed out and separated from the solid. However, a large amount of rapidly degradable organic matter will exist in the pressed cake in solid form and adsorb a large amount of bound water, so that the moisture content of the pressed waste is at a relatively high value (about 65-75%).As a direct result, the total amount of this part of garbage is large, and the cost of subsequent disposal is high. The disposal cost of this part of garbage is useless in the operation cost of garbage treatment plant. Reducing this part of cost is of positive significance to reduce the cost of garbage treatment industry, reduce the cost and improve the efficiency. At present, there are widespread losses in the kitchen waste treatment industry in China.

Today Our understanding of separation has changed. The separation process of waste treatment based on resource utilization is to separate organic matter (which can be quickly decomposed) and non-mechanism (which can not be quickly decomposed), and to dispose of these organic matter and inorganic matter separately.

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Organic Separator

Organic Separator is the separation equipment designed and manufactured based on this concept. It can crush the organic matter larger than the sieve mesh in the kitchen waste and discharge the organic matter and liquid from the sieve mesh, and the inorganic matter is not crushed and is intercepted by the sieve and discharged from the slag outlet. Due to the crushing effect and the characteristic that the organic matter in the kitchen waste is easy to crush and the inorganic matter in the kitchen waste is not easy to crush, the organic matter content in the discharged inorganic matter is very low and is easy to squeeze and dehydrate, the weight of the inorganic matter can be greatly reduced, and the disposal cost of the subsequent inorganic matter is reduced. For the current loss situation of most kitchen waste treatment plants, there will be positive improvement.

Organic Separator, also known as fine breaking and sorting machine, has strong processing capacity. It can automatically sort the kitchen garbage mixed with beverage bottles, plastic bags and other debris, and crush the hard garbage such as bones, scallops and fruit shells. The sorted plastic garbage such as beverage bottles and garbage bags can be recycled. The remaining kitchen waste sorted by the automatic sorting machine can meet the requirements of the next process.

Functions of the Organic Separator:

One for many, simplify the process

One machine replaces large material sorting machine + fine pulping machine + trash remover, which greatly simplifies the process and reduces the floor area.

Three dynamic, intelligent control

Dynamic torque, dynamic speed, linkage feeding, real-time dynamic adjustment effect and output

Large output, high efficiency and strong

Food waste 30t/H, tail vegetables 50t/H. Actual case verification yield

100% hard matter resistance

Cooperate with the coarse crusher to directly process a variety of difficult and miscellaneous materials, without pre-sorting, without fear of various impurities.

Project Cases of Organic Separator:

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