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EPS Styrofoam Compressor

Styrofoam (also known as foam) is made of foamed plastic, which has the functions of cushioning, insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and vibration prevention. It is widely used in the market to install fish, food boxes, the shipment of electrical products, the fire protection and sound insulation (heat) materials in the construction industry, and the packaging industry of high-tech products, which shows its infinite function.

Recycling Styrofoam waste can turn waste into treasure. If Styrofoam is treated as garbage and buried at will, it will not degrade naturally even after hundreds of years. If Styrofoam waste is burned, it will produce toxic gases and cause secondary public hazards. EPS (Styrofoam) is an excellent shockproof packaging material with low price and wide application. It has the properties and characteristics of heat insulation, sound insulation, shockproof, light weight, cushioning and easy molding.


EPS (Styrofoam) can be processed to form cutting, common lining, special cutting plate, corner protector, edge protector and so on. Machine-made EPS (Styrofoam) needs to be moulded, which is suitable for all kinds of packaging with large demand and complex shape.

Application: Office furniture, glass products, instruments, stone, gift boxes, handicrafts, construction engineering, etc.

As Styrofoam packaging products can be seen everywhere in life, it has brought tremendous pressure to the environment. We all know that Styrofoam plastic waste is light in weight and large in size, and the cost of storage and transportation is relatively high. Many recyclers have to give up recycling it because of the cost of Styrofoam waste recycling.
In fact, EPS foam is a recyclable material, and the main problem of foam recycling is volume. Because of its light weight and large volume, EPS foam takes up a lot of storage space in the recycling process and produces high transportation costs. From the perspective of enterprises, the cost of EPS foam recycling is very high.

Foam Compactor

In order to solve this thorny problem, after decades of dedicated research and development, Siedon Technology has launched a EPS Styrofoam compressor and recovery program for different types of EPS materials.

Siedon uses screw hydraulic technology to reduce the volume of Styrofoam waste in the crushing machine, and then the reduced waste will enter the bottom of the screw and be cold-pressed into blocks by the screw hydraulic device. These Styrofoam compressed blocks can be recycled by recyclers or manufacturers at a high price and used as raw materials for recycled products.

Siedon Technology Styrofoam compressor is a professional equipment used to reduce the volume of EPS foam. The equipment uses screw compression principle to treat EPS waste, equipped with well-known accessories, high quality, simple operation, service life of more than 10 years. In addition, the compression ratio of the equipment can reach 50:1, and there is no waste gas in the use process, which has the advantages of large capacity and environmental protection.

The Styrofoam compressor of Siedon technology is very popular in EPS foam manufacturers, two network integration transfer stations, large logistics distribution centers, furniture stores, farmers’ markets and other industries.

EPS Styrofoam Compressor

Working Video of CP250 EPS Styrofoam Compressor:

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