Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Commercial Food Waste Disposal System

Siedon Technology offers food waste disposal system for kitchen waste, organic waste, which is including food waste shredder, waste depacker machine and screw press dewatering machine.

How is the food waste disposal system working?

Firstly, the collected food waste is put into a waste shredding machine and crushed into particles of 30-50mm size. Pre-shredding is beneficial to increase the output and efficiency of the food waste disposal system.

Secondly the food waste is separated to Organic and inorganic through a food waste depacker. then the organic waste will go in to the dewatering screw press machine. The solid phase material obtained by extrusion is performed grease separation, and then subjected to a transfatting reaction at an appropriate temperature, and washed to obtain biodiesel.

For the remaining materials after oil and fat separation, anaerobic fermentation can be obtained in a closed container to obtain biogas. The CO2 separated by DDR type zeolite membrane can be sold as industrial raw materials, and the high-concentration biogas can be used for gas/steam turbine for Power generation. The biogas residue obtained after anaerobic fermentation can be used for composting or direct landfill.

Food Waste Disposal System

The daily output of food waste is large, and the cost of collection, transportation and disposal is high. Therefore, the government should increase capital investment, first realize the free disposal of kitchen waste, and provide storage boxes and trash bins to the public, and promote the centralized disposal of kitchen waste. Health and other relevant departments should strengthen the management of the destination of kitchen waste, reduce unfair purchases, and make them included in the comprehensive treatment channel.

The perishability of the kitchen waste leads to secondary pollution during its transportation and treatment. If the treatment is not timely or the treatment location is too close to the residential area, it may cause odor to disturb the people. In this regard, the government should carefully choose the site for the comprehensive treatment of kitchen waste resources, and at the same time improve the transportation equipment to reduce the scattered during the transportation process.

Video of Food Waste Disposal System—— Dewatering Screw Press with Shredder:

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