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Polystyrene Recycling Will Reduce Environment Pollution

Online shopping has become an indispensable way of life for modern people. Last year, China’s express delivery business exceeded 20 billion pieces. With the rapid development of the express delivery industry, it has also brought a large amount of express packaging waste. These wastes not only cause environmental pollution, but also waste resources.

To please buyers, every boxes are packed in polystyrene/Styrofoam/foam board or cardboard paper. For consumers, this kind of cardboard and foam packaging not only takes up space, but also wastes resources and pollutes the environment.

In megacities, the increase in express packaging waste has accounted for 93% of the increase in domestic waste, and in some large cities it is 85% to 90%. If no effective measures are taken to control it, according to the current development speed of the express delivery industry, by 2025, the consumption of express packaging materials will reach 41.27 million tons, and the resource burden and environmental pressure will be huge.

In addition to about 70%-80% of foam boxes being recycled, plastic packaging such as tapes, plastic bags with tapes and waybills are difficult to recycle, with high recycling costs and low profits. Among them, 99% of express packaging waste plastics are mixed into domestic waste, incinerated or landfilled.

Data shows that a ton of polystyrene foam boxes can be reused many times before being thrown away. Even if it can be recycled 100%, only 0.8 tons of new polystyrene packaging can be obtained in the end, wasting 20% of the material waste.

In addition to waste of resources, the environmental pollution of polystyrene packaging waste cannot be ignored. Polystyrene packaging is not easy to degrade. It takes about 100 years to eliminate in the soil, and incineration also produces harmful substances and exhaust gases. Polystyrene Recycling is very important to the environment. To recycle foam waste, you must find a polystyrene recycling specialist. Siedon Technology will be your best choice.

Siedon is a trademark name of polystyrene recycling compactor, that is a professional in waste recycling as well as supplies you the polystyrene compactor , cardboard baler, waste shredder. The compactor can crush the waste foam right into EPS obstructs with a proportion up to 50:1. The compacted EPS blocks are also an important product that can be granulated right into PS pellets and afterwards to made right into picture frameworks. And our cardboard baler can press and packing cardboard into block, then it can be transifer easily and crushed by a Siedon’s waste shredder.

Polystyrene Recycling

Siedon’s Waste Recycling Machine:

With the help of Siedon’s recycling machines, sources can be utilized more reasonably as well as the environment will boost extra completely.

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