Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Ship Waste Disposal – Siedon Marine Crusher SR30

The garbage produced onboard ships needs to be properly disposed of as stated by the MARPOL Annex V. Garbage is one of the several reasons which have been responsible for marine pollution at sea.

Siedon Marine Crusher Manage Most of Ship Waste

The marine crusher SR30 is a small, cost-effective and slow rotating shredder which is designed for shredding various waste materials such as general waste, cardboard paper, food waste, plastic bottles and aluminum can. This ship waste crusher adopts imported materials, adopts motor-driven double shafts, and uses the principles of extrusion, shearing and tearing to achieve the effect of reducing size. It has high power and high torque, and is equipped with wear-resistant alloy hard and automatic control system.

  • Marine crusher reduces the volume up to 80% depending on the fraction which in turn reduces storage space on board.
  • The unit consists of a crushing chamber with two counter-rotating shafts fitted with circular blades.
  • The material or general waste is fed through a hopper placed above the crushing chamber and the rotating blades with the hooks take the material towards the center of the shredding chamber. As the material passed through the blades it is shredded and falls by gravity underneath the shredder into a bin.
  • The door below the shredding chamber is equipped with a safety switch, which prevents the operator from coming into accidental contact with the moving mechanical parts and shredder from starting when the door is open.
  • The SR30 designed and constructed for marine & offshore. It can be used prior to the compactor to increase the compaction ratio, also works well in combination with a shipboard incinerator.
Marine Crusher

Features of marine crusher machine:

  • Small motor power and low energy consumption
  • Low speed, high torque, low crushing noise
  • Simple and safe operation, small size and light weight
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • PLC automatic overload protection
  • Automatic reverse in case of blockage
  • The electric control cabinet adopts Siemens, ABB, Schneider and other famous brand electrical components, with stable performance

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