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Food Waste Processing With Black Soldier Flies

How to deal with Food waste? Entering the era of garbage classification, that is a problem that many people are concerned about.

In Wanning City, Hainan Province, the food waste that used to be transported to landfills like other domestic wastes now has a better place – to be “eaten”!

The food waste is eaten by small insects called black soldier flies. The Black Soldier Fly is a saprophytic Soldierfly, belonging to the genus Diptera. It can convert the eaten food waste into organic fertilizer, and the protein-rich worms can also be processed into feed for livestock and fish, realizing the reduction, recycling and harmless food waste processing.

Food Waste Processing Black Soldier Flies

Food Waste Processing With Black Soldier Flies

Black soldier fly larvae eat a lot. In the base, 100 grams of black soldier fly eggs can hatch about 3 million larvae. In a 10-day breeding cycle, it can eat 2 tons of water-containing bait, and finally produce 400 kilograms of commercial insects and 400 kilograms of feces. .

Black soldier flies can not only eat kitchen waste, but also treat agricultural scraps, animal carcasses, feces, leaf residues and straws, and they can eat organic waste. Such a “good appetite” makes the black soldier fly larvae a powerful bioconversion processor: it can not only convert organic waste into nutrients for its own growth, but also use the intestinal flora to degrade harmful substances in the garbage and convert them into proteins, etc. Harmless substances, to achieve the effect of turning waste into treasure.

In addition to making feed, commercial black soldier flies have higher development value. The whole body of commercial black soldier flies is rich in antimicrobial peptides and chitin, which can be made into medicines and cosmetics after extraction. Black soldier flies have the conditions to carry out the whole industry chain development, the front end is mainly breeding, the middle end is initially processed into feed, etc., and the back end enters the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry through deep processing.

The excrement of black soldier fly larvae is also an organic fertilizer, and its total humic acid content is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary organic fertilizers, which can be directly applied to the production of organic agriculture. It can be said that the cultivation of black soldier flies can not only effectively digest organic waste to “reduce the burden” of the environment, but also have high industrial added value.

In addition, recent research in the field of entomoremediation shows the potential of this insect for purification of biomass contaminated with heavy metals.

The depacking machine can turn kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste into feed for black soldier flies. How does a depacker turn waste into feed?

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