Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Food Waste Depackaging Machine

Siedon Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a food waste depackaging machine in order to solve the difficult problem of organic matter extraction in food waste. The depacker solves the technical problems of incomplete separation of organic matter and inorganic matter in the project process, serious waste of organic matter and high operating cost caused by poor pulping effect. The food waste depackaging machine of Siedon Technology operates well and has been highly recognized and praised by customers.

The composition of food waste is complex, it is not exactly the same in different places, and the organic and inorganic substances are mixed together. It includes not only soft organic garbage such as various vegetables and fruits, but also inorganic substances such as wooden chopsticks and glass/plastic tableware. It is quite technically difficult to separate organic and inorganic substances. Therefore, how to completely extract the organic matter in the foos waste, avoid the waste of the organic matter, and completely remove the inorganic matter is a problem that has long plagued the food waste treatment industry.

After the preliminary screening process of the food waste, there is a food waste depackaging process. This process is to crush and pulp the organic matter with a particle size of less than 50mm after preliminary separation in the food waste. The pulped slurry and light materials enter the next screening treatment process, and the materials with large particle size, large specific gravity, and non-crushing pulping materials are discharged from the body and then enter the next treatment process. This process requires that the depackaging machine has a processing capacity of not less than 10t/h, that is, equipment with large processing capacity, simple structure, long service life, and effective separation of organic and inorganic substances.

At present, there are very few choices of qualified food waste depackaging machine on the market. In addition, the existing depacker machine has certain shortcomings, such as the depacker cannot perform quantitative treatment, so that the load of the equipment is caused. Also, there are problems such as the inability to effectively pulverize the food waste, the low pulverization efficiency, and the insignificant effect.

Food Waste Depackaging Machine

In addition, the key indicators to measure the effect of food waste pretreatment are the utilization rate of organic matter and the separation rate of inorganic impurities. The separation efficiency of organic matter and inorganic matter is directly related to whether the organic matter is maximized, thus directly affecting the operating cost and economic benefits.

Almost all of the food waste pretreatment equipment on the market have problems such as incomplete extraction of organic substances, resulting in a large amount of waste of organic substances; and incomplete separation of inorganic substances, resulting in the mixing of inorganic substances into organic substances and other problems. The factor of incomplete separation increases the burden of subsequent equipment and affects the effect of subsequent processes.

Food Waste Depackaging Machine

The Siedon Technology Project R&D Team invested a lot of manpower and material resources to overcome this technical difficulty and developed a food waste depackaging machine.

The organic waste in the food waste is crushed and pulped, and the inorganic substances are separated and discharged, achieving the goal of complete separation of organic and inorganic substances. It not only improves the efficiency of organic matter utilization, but also pulps all organic matter, eliminates waste, and completely removes the influence of inorganic matter, thereby reducing the user’s operating cost, increasing the user’s operating income, and solving the long-term troubled technical problems of the industry.

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