Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

New Depackaging Machine For Food Waste In China

Siedon New Type Depackaging Machine For Food Waste Was sent to Vietnam

The equipment can separate plastics and impurities from fruit and vegetable waste and kitchen waste, and the treated material can be used as feed for Black Soldier Flies.

Food Waste Depackaging Machine
Depackaging Machine For Food Waste

The main characteristics of kitchen waste are high moisture content and impurities such as metal, sawdust and plastic. In the kitchen waste treatment process, inorganic metals, sawdust, plastics and other impurities have a great impact on the follow-up treatment unit, which must be sorted out first to ensure the stable operation of the follow-up kitchen waste treatment process.

The main process of the existing kitchen waste pretreatment is as follows: kitchen waste collection and transportation: the kitchen waste is poured into the receiving hopper, and the screw conveyor is connected below the receiving hopper to convey the kitchen waste to the separator. A screen is arranged in the sorting machine, and according to different diameters of the materials, the kitchen waste is the undersize, and impurities such as metal, plastic and the like are the oversize.


Because the kitchen waste contains meat, large organic matter and so on, these large organic matter can not pass through the screen in the separator, and is separated together with impurities, resulting in the loss of available organic matter. In the process of screen sorting, some impurities such as plastic or chopsticks with smaller diameter still enter the kitchen waste and are transported to the crusher, which will increase the failure rate of the crusher.

Siedon Tech has developed a new type of depackaging machine for food waste, a kitchen waste pretreatment device with good separation effect, to overcome the defects of the existing technology, which can not only prevent the loss of organic matter, but also effectively separate the impurities in the kitchen waste, and make the kitchen waste into slurry, and the crushing pulping machine will not be broken by plastic or metal materials. To ensure the stable and efficient operation of the treatment system.

Food Waste Depackaging Machine Video:

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